Graphic design history

An ocean of graphical design history and handicrafts.

Here at the Snus & Match Museum, we bring history to life, giving our visitors the opportunity to discover a world of old crafts and skills.

The museum was gifted a collection of matchbox labels. The collection was started by a man called Otto Lindbhom, who had over 30 years collected over 150 000 original labels. In the match exhibition, we have several of these original designs on display. It is a wonderful collection showing a part of the graphic design history.

The snus exhibition invites you to a world of handicrafts, where time and workmanship are portrayed in all of the unique boxes. We have everything from snus boxes in gold with diamonds, to boxes with unbreakable code-locks made by skilled locksmiths, to more quaint boxes made by the more common hand, but still crafted with much love and skill.