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Handmade paper cartridge

250g “kardus boxes”, made the traditional way, are sold in our Museum Shop. You must be at least 18 years old to buy snus products.

The “kardus paper” used to make the boxes is a simple, coarse type of wrapping paper that was used for a variety of products as long ago as the 1600s. It was used to package not only snus but gunpowder, shot, matches, etc. The Swedish word, “kardus” comes from the French word, “cartouche”, and has been used since Napoleonic times, and refers to the ancient Egyptian seals discovered at that time in North Africa.

The “kardus boxes” were often closed with a seal. The 250g weight of our contemporary boxes refers back to the old weight – a half pound – which was commonly used when buying snus. This style of packaging disappeared as cardboard portion cans became increasingly popular, and these unique, hand-packed “kardus boxes” are nowadays only made at the Snus and Match Museum. The packaging is a beautiful, retro-style one, inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of almost 100 years ago.