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The Swedish Match Tobacco and Match History Foundation

The Swedish Match Tobacco and Match History Foundation was founded in 2007 with the aim of making the company’s historical collections available for research. The Foundation is currently working on structuring and digitalising the collections to make th available and they consequently cannot be searched at the present time.

The document archive:
The document archive comprises hundreds of metres of shelving holding archival documents from the 1700s onwards. The documents mainly date from the days of the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly and its successor, Svenska Tobaks AB and its various subsidiaries. There are also some documents from the tobacco factories that existed before the formation of the Monopoly in 1915.

The object collection:
The collections comprise around 10,000 objects, most of which relate to the use of tobacco and matches, such as pipes, ashtrays, snuff boxes, and lighters.

The image archive:
The image archive comprises a couple of thousand photographs, negatives, slides, and glass plates. The pictures cover the period from the late 1800s to the late 1900s.

The art collection:
The Foundation owns ca. 400 works of art previously owned by Swedish Match AB and its predecessors, Svenska Tobaks AB and the Tobacco Monopoly. The collection primarily contains contemporary Swedish art, and includes both paintings and statues created using a variety of techniques.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors:
The following persons make up the Board of Directors:
Bo Aulin
John Brattmyhr
Håkan Lindgren
Patrik Hildingsson
Fredrik Peyron

Contact person:
Jeanette Danielson, Museum Director.